Monte Falcone Archaeology Field School 2018




The Monte Falcone Archaeology Field School 2018  (Baucina -PA-) will give you the opportunity of digging a Necropolis consisting mainly of rock cut burials dating from the 6th to the 5th century BC. 

The Field School is open to everybody who is interested in Sicilian Archaeology and Ancient History. Graduates and undergraduates are welcome with or without experience. You will be part of a small team being involved in all the activities, from digging to pottery washing, from drawing plans and recording finds to uploading all the info on a database. GPS, GIS and CAD training will be carried out on site and in afternoon labs. You will learn as you go and you will also be involved in the planning and setting up of display cases of eventual findings from the necropolis in the local museum.

There will be afternoon classes on Indigenous, Greek and Phoenician pottery, and on Sicilian History and Archaeology. On Saturdays we will visit some of the most important archaeological sites of western Sicily, in particular:

  • SEGESTA, an Elymian town; 
  • SELINUS, a Greek town;
  • MOTHIA, a Phoenician town;
  • HIMERA, a Greek town;
  • SOLUS, a Phoenician town;

visits to be arranged with participants according to their needs or studies. These Educational trips will give you a deep insight of Sicilian History and Archaeology.

You will be sharing a Villa with a swimming pool confiscated from the Mafia, 10 minutes away from the site with other participants and you will also enjoy our local food and wine.

The Field school is open to max. 15 participants. From 2nd July to 29th July 2018.

The Monte Falcone Archaeology Field School is run by Genesis, and Andrea Masi is responsible and tutor.

Director of the excavation is Prof. Oscar Belvedere, University of Palermo, Archaeology Department.

For university students there will be 4 credits.

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                     Monte Falcone seen from the east.


                Archaeological Museum of Baucina